Tesla calls on car designers to create city car for its Chinese market

Tesla officially announces plans to develop a Chinese city car

The official Tesla WeChat account this week announced that the development of a city car for the brand's Chinese market has officially begun.

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have a knack for making big announcements on social media accounts like Twitter. Apparently, this habit is carrying over to the brand's business practice in China, as well, where one of the company's manufacturing facilities is located.

On Wednesday, the brand published a post to its official WeChat account -- a Chinese social media platform -- that outlined that a Tesla vehicle styled for China's roads is currently in the works. A design sketch of what the car could look like was attached to the post.

In fact, the company is planning on creating an entire Chinese design and research center for which it's currently calling for job application submissions.

While the model in the sketch shares design characteristics with those vehicles currently in the Tesla lineup (excluding the Cybertruck), it looks to be shorter in length with a rear almost like a hatch.

Though this model is expected to be optimized for the Chinese market, it could still be sold in other regions; the company has not made any further statements on the matter.