Tesco worker receives internet accolades after returning wallet with RM2,000 inside

Not all heroes wear capes, and for one Kedah-area woman, hers wore a Tesco Supermarket uniform, and returned the lost wallet she had left behind at an Alor Setar location.

Ain Fatin Lyana took to social media to praise the employee who found her husband’s wallet, stuffed with RM2,000 (US$500) in cash, and returned it promptly to her.


Having just finished a late-night shop, Ain Fatin hadn’t realized that she has left the very important item in the supermarket trolley until she was already driving home.

However, Tesco worker Azhar Abdul Hamid was working his shift that night, and found the wallet.

After the couple did a quick U-turn back to the supermarket, they found the store to be in the midst of closing, and rushed to the trolley area where Azhar was organizing the carts. Asking him if he had by any chance found black wallet, he responded that he had, and that he was just about to turn it into customer service, handing it back to her with the full RM2,000 inside.

Expressing her gratitude, Ain Fatin wrote that “everything inside was untouched,” along with a photo of the honest worker.

Her post has since been shared 900 times, and garnered 10,000 reactions.

While social media users praise Azhar’s honesty, the humble worker is reportedly overwhelmed by the attention and praise.

Tesco is reportedly arranging for a bonus to be sent Azhar’s way, whose modest monthly salary comes in at RM1,500.

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