Tesco launches Amazon Go style 'just walk out' store

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Tesco launches Amazon Go style 'just walk out' store
Tesco launch their first Frictionless Store in Holborn, London, UK. Photo: Ben Stevens/Parsons Media

Tesco (TSCO.L) has opened its first public checkout-free store on Tuesday, in a move emulating Amazon's (AMZN) cashierless Amazon Go. 

The new format, which is known as "GetGo" is being tested in London's High Holborn and will allow customers to pay for items without scanning a product or using a checkout. 

Customers will simply have to download the Tesco app to use it. Tesco said customers will not be able to shop in the store without first creating an account and downloading the app. 

Tesco has partnered with Israeli company Trigo, which has also kitted out supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany. Trigo described the store as "fully autonomous". 

The new technology works with a combination of cameras and weight sensors, which will establish what customers have picked up — these will then be charged directly through the app when customers leave the shop. 

The cameras do not use facial recognition technology, but instead track body movements. The company said that visual data from customers will not be stored or saved.

Tesco launch their first Frictionless Store in Holborn, London, UK. Photo: Ben Stevens / Parsons Media
Customers will have to create an account and download the app to use the store. Photo: Ben Stevens/Parsons Media

The Holborn shop will be Tesco's second cashierless shop. Its initial store with Trigo was in Welwyn Garden City, Tesco’s headquarters, where new products and integrations were already being tested and evaluated. 

For the second store, Tesco chose High Holborn street location because of its size — a Tesco Express — the number of products, and its central location with high traffic of young professionals.

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“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience and our latest innovation offers a seamless checkout for customers on the go, helping them to save a bit more time," said Kevin Tindall, managing director of Tesco Convenience. 

"This is currently just a one-store trial but we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers respond.”

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