'Terrifying,' says passenger stranded on Amtrak

"It was... terrifying being stuck in pitch black darkness. We didn't know when we were going to move or where we really were. And just the feeling of not being able to get off at any point was very terrifying, Annie Cathriner, 27, an interior designer said.

More than 200 passengers spent more than 14 hours stuck at the train station for Quantico, the U.S. marine corps base outside of Washington, D.C. as they waited for fallen trees and branches to be cleared from the track.

Massive tree branches laden with snow could be heard slamming against the train and are believed to have triggered the train's emergency brake and knocked out power onboard, said Cathriner.

Other parts of the trip were "really, really bumpy" said Cathriner. "I thought, it's 2022 - we have got everything under control -dangerous train rides don't happen anymore."

In the future, Cathriner said she will hold off on traveling if inclement weather is on the horizon.

"I'm just not going to risk it anymore," Cathriner said from her apartment in New York City.

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