Tepco execs ordered to pay $95 bln over Fukushima

STORY: It was one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters.

The 2011 catastrophe at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi atomic power station contaminated swathes of land, and left plant operator Tepco with massive cleanup costs.

Now a Tokyo court has ordered four former executives to pay about $95 billion in damages to the firm.

That's according to the plaintiffs' lawyers.

The court ruled that they could have prevented the disaster if they had exercised due care.

The verdict is in contrast to a criminal trial ruling back in 2019, when a court concluded the executives weren’t guilty of negligence.

It said they could not have foreseen the huge tsunami that struck the power station.

That verdict is under appeal, with the Tokyo high court expected to rule next year.

The civil lawsuit was brought by Tepco shareholders in 2012, and demanded compensation over ignored tsunami warnings.

A spokesperson for the company declined to comment on the latest ruling.

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