Tension rises after Kosovo soldier wounds Serbs

STORY: As a sign of protest at Friday's (January 6) shootings, some local Serbs blocked the main road connecting Shterpce with the rest of the country.

The fire department was on the scene the next day, hosing the road and extinguishing burning tires from the protest.

Police said both victims, aged 11 and 21, were taken to the hospital and their injuries were not life threatening. Police said the suspect was 33 years old.

The incident is expected to deepen mistrust between majority ethnic Albanians and the Serb ethnic minority that lives in Kosovo.

Around 100,000 ethnic Serbs live in Kosovo, half of them in the north. Most refuse to recognize Kosovo's 2008 independence.

The other half live in other parts of the country, such as Shterpce, and most recognize the Pristina government and take part in political life.