Tens of thousands 'March 4 Justice' in Australia

Across Australia on Monday, tens of thousands of women rallied for gender equality, and justice for victims of sexual assault.

The so-called 'March 4 Justice' rallies were spurred by allegations of rape and sexual misconduct in some of the country's highest political offices.

"I'm just sick of the patriarchy and you know, PMs and politicians in power thinking they can abuse us and get away with it."

"It's been so discouraging reading the news and how much has been lied and obscured and covered up."

"All the women that have reported sexual harassment, all the women that are working for less pay, all the women that have been denied equal job opportunities because on the mere basis that they're female."

In big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, many wore black to signal 'strength and mourning'.

Some held banners with slogans reading 'ENOUGH' and 'JUST LISTEN'.

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to address allegations that surfaced this year against members of his office and political party.

Recently-reported scandals include a rape allegation against Attorney-General Christian Porter from 1988.

Porter has denied the alleged assault.

Former Liberal Party staffer Brittany Higgins alleged last month that she was raped in Parliament House by a male colleague in 2019.

On Monday, she addressed a crowd of thousands outside the building in Canberra.

"And there are significant failings in the power structures within our institutions. We are here because it's unfathomable, but we are still having to fight the same, stale, tired fight."

Rally organisers said they rejected an invitation by Prime Minister Morrison to meet in private.

The recent allegations are expected to dominate parliamentary proceedings over the next two weeks.