Tennis Star Coco Gauff Gives Emotional Speech at Delray Beach Rally

Professional tennis player Coco Gauff gave an impassioned speech at a protest over police brutality in Delray Beach, Florida, on June 3.

According to local media, Gauff, 16, marched alongside hundreds of demonstrators, one of whom was the chief of police, in her hometown of Delray Beach.

Speaking in front of Delray Beach City Hall, Gauff said it is “sad” she was protesting against the “same thing” her grandmother protested against “50-plus years ago.”

“So I’m here to tell you guys that we must first love each other no matter what,” Gauff said. “We must have the tough conversations with our friends.”

Gauff was keen to highlight the fact that she is unable to vote, with 18 being the legal voting age in the US. The rising tennis star implored people to cast their votes in the American presidential election later this year.

“Yes, we’re all out here protesting, and I’m not of age to vote. It’s in your hands to vote for my future, my brother’s future, and your future. That’s one way to make change,” Gauff said.

Gauff rose to fame in 2019 when she defeated five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams in the first round of the tournament. Credit: Emily Sullivan via Storyful