Tennessee Police K-9 Wounded in Shooting Discharged After Nine Days in Veterinary ICU

A Tennessee police dog has been released from the animal hospital following nine days in veterinary intensive care after being shot on duty, footage posted by the Animal Emergency & Specialty Center (AESC) of Chattanooga on October 5 shows.

The K-9, called Joker, was shot during an auto burglary in nearby Cleveland on September 22, WKRN reported.

This video by the AESC Chattanooga shows Joker leaving the center amid copious encouragement and doting attention from Officer Eduardo Choate and Mandi Choate.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office said the family had told them that “each day is better than the one before" and that the dog’s progress gave them “hope for the future.”

Six juveniles from Chattanooga have been arrested for the shooting of Joker and a number of vehicle thefts, WKRN said. Credit: AESC Chattanooga via Storyful

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