Tennessee Man Shoos Bear Invader From His Car

A Tennessee man holidaying with friends in Gatlinburg shooed a black bear from his car on July 10 after it broke into the vehicle and caused significant damage.

Joseph Deel, who can be seen in this footage opening the car door, told Storyful the furry invader later returned with another bear.

“She attempted to get back inside my car,” Deel said. “I went back outside and yelled at the bear and threw things at her. The two bears then proceeded to leave the car and moved to the backyard of the cabin we were staying [in].”

While the bears soon left with no trouble, the damage caused to Deel’s car caused it to break down while driving back to his home in Johnson City.

“I had to abandon the car,” he said. “Insurance took two days to get a tow truck to my car. In that time looters broke into my car via a back window and stole my catalytic converter, battery, and exhaust manifold. Insurance cut my car as a loss and totaled it.” Credit: Joseph Deel via Storyful

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