Tennessee Bear Breaks Into Van and Steals Bag of Popcorn

A hungry black bear was recorded opening a van door and grabbing a bag of popcorn, before running back into the woods in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on November 11.

Video taken by Teniesh Pinnix shows the bear first try to open the door of a small car and then proceed to easily open the passenger door of a large cargo van.

“He just wanted some food,” Pinnix is overheard saying, relieved, as the bear is seen exiting the car with the bag of popcorn in its mouth. Credit: Teniesh Pinnix via Storyful

Video transcript

TENIESH PINNIX: Now he's fixing to go to Sunny's car. Or the van one. He knows that where he got that food from last night.

- Are you serious?

TENIESH PINNIX: Girl, I am so amazed, because I have never.

- He pulled all the doors.

TENIESH PINNIX: He done open the door on the van. Oh.

- Get out.

- Get, get. Get out of there.

TENIESH PINNIX: Y'all better stop.

- Don't you go down there.

TENIESH PINNIX: Please don't.

- Don't go down there. Don't go down there, all.

TENIESH PINNIX: Oh, Lord, he up in the car.

- Oh my Jesus.

TENIESH PINNIX: Y'all, the [MUTED] bear opened the doors and got in the [MUTED] car. Oh, Lord, he got them pop-corns. Look at him. He just wanted some food. Oh.

- No, no, not that. He getting it.

TENIESH PINNIX: Girl, he done got the popcorn and got out.