Tenacious Prairie Dog Bites Kids' Shoelaces and Jeans

A couple of youngsters got some unusual treatment from a tenacious prairie dog in Long Valley, South Dakota, recently, when the critter bit down first on the leg of one’s jeans, and then on the other’s shoelace.

This video, posted by Robert Titus on October 29, show the animal only reluctantly letting go in both instances, much to the kids’ bemusement.

Titus said he saw the colony when he pulled in at a gas station. He went to film them when the three kids showed up, he said. “One prairie dog engaged them immediately and began to tug at their leg and shoe. It almost seemed as though it had done this before! After a brief visit the children went on their way, unharmed,” he told Storyful.

“Best video of my trip so far,” Titus said. Credit: Robert Titus via Storyful

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