"Ten Years" co-director "runs away" to Canada

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31 Jul – Hong Kong filmmaker Jevons Au recently admitted that his move to Canada cannot be described as emigration, but more or less him "running away".

As reported on Mingpao, the director who is known as one of the five fresh filmmakers who co-helmed the dystopian Hong Kong movie, "Ten Years" that has angered mainlanders and the Chinese government alike, stated that he left to Canada in a hurry and did not apply for anything.

"My wife is Canadian. She was worried about me, about whether I would say something wrong. So she bought plane tickets immediately and we left," he said.

Jevons admitted that he has had thoughts about leaving Hong Kong back in June due to the new National Security Law.

"It would be too difficult to make movies and speak in Hong Kong. There won't be no freedom of speech at all. I just have to adjust myself in Canada. I do not regret giving up my career in Hong Kong. Making movies is not my ultimate goal in life," he admitted.

However, the director stressed that he is not giving up on Hong Kong by moving to Canada, but that he just wanted to be able to speak freely as someone from Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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