Ten protesters arrested in Spain over rapper Hasel

Fresh protests in Barcelona over the jailing of a Spanish rapper turned violent on Sunday, with ten people arrested for assaulting the cops by nightfall.

Trash cans were set on fire, broken glass covered the sidewalks, and police lines formed around crowds.

Demonstrations began earlier this month, after rapper Pablo Hasel was arrested and taken to start his nine-month jail sentence.

Known for being anti-establishment, Hasel was convicted in 2018 for breaking free speech laws glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty.

In tweets and lyrics, he called Spain's former King a mafia boss, likened Spanish judges to Nazis and referenced a Basque separatist group, ETA.

On Saturday, some 2,000 people in masks and holding banners marched through Barcelona, calling for his release.

Police put up barricades downtown, as businesses and a police van went up in flames.

Pressure now mounts on Spain's government to uphold its recent promise to relax free speech laws.