Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: Which mattress for joint pain should you buy in today's Memorial Day sales?

 Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt vs Purple Restore mattress.
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt vs Purple Restore mattress.

If you often wake up with joint pain, your mattress could be to blame. The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt and the Purple Restore are two of the best hybrid mattresses that excel at minimizing joint pain, thanks to their outstanding pressure relief. But which is better?

Tempur-Pedic and Purple are the big-name brands behind some of the year's best mattresses, thanks largely to their use of their own proprietary materials. Tempur-Pedic uses a contouring memory foam, whilst Purple uses a hyper-elastic polymer grid designed specially to cradle pressure points.

Neither of these mattresses are what you’d call budget. However, today's Memorial Day mattress sales does glean some fairly sizable discounts. At full MSRP, both the Tempur-Adapt and Purple Restore start at $1,999. However, you can buy a queen size Purple Restore mattress for just $2,099 at Purple (was $2,399). Meanwhile,  you can buy a queen size Tempur-Pedic Tempr-Adapt Legendary Pressure Relief for $2,299 at Tempr-Pedic (was $2,499). But it’s not just the price that sets these two mattresses apart. Here’s what you need to know when choosing between the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt vs Purple Restore this Memorial Day...

Tempur-Adapt: Was from $1,999 | now from $1,799 at Tempur-Pedic
The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt is one of the best luxury hybrid mattresses currently on the market. Designed to adjust to your weight, shape and temperature, this mattress offers exceptional pressure relief over three layers of foam and premium spring coils. We don’t often see huge discounts when it comes to Tempur-Pedic but at the moment you can make savings of up to $300, depending on what mattress size you opt for. This brings the price of a queen size mattress down to $2,099 from a starting price of $2,499. Tempur-Pedic also offer free shipping, a 90-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.View Deal

Purple Restore: Was from $1,999 | now from $1,699 at Purple 
The Purple Restore uses it’s unique GelFlex grid to instantly adapt as you move offering responsive pressure relief by gently cradling pressure areas. It’s also a great choice for hot sleepers are the GelFlex Grid dissipates heat away and the layer of edge-to-edge coils keeps the air flowing around the mattress for a much cooler sleep. Purple constantly have a sale going but this Memorial Day you can save up to $600 on all mattresses bringing the price of the Purple Restore down to $2,099 for a queen size. You also get a 100-night sleep trial, 10 year warranty plus free shipping and returns. View Deal

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Specs

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Price, trials and warranties

  • Tempur-Pedic and Purple both have 10 year warranties

  • Sales vary but Purple have evergreen sales

  • Purple offer a longer sleep trial at 100-nights

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress on a platform bed
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress on a platform bed

The Tempur-Adapt and Purple Restore are both premium mattresses from both brands and that is ultimately reflected in the price. Both mattresses have the same MSRP starting point of $1,999 but whilst the Tempur-Adapt starts at a twin size the starting size for Purple is a Twin XL.

During the current sales you can get a Tempur-Adapt queen size mattress for $2,999 which is a $200 saving. Whilst the Purple Restore is priced at $2,099 for a queen size mattress saving $300. It’s worth noting that the Tempur-Adapt does come in an all foam version which is slightly cheaper with MSRP prices starting from just $1,699 and during the current sales a queen size all foam mattress with medium tension will cost $1,999.

Both mattress brands offer free delivery and have a 10-year warranty. There is a difference in the sleep trial. Purple offer a 100-night sleep trial whilst Tempur-Pedic offer 90 nights.

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Materials & design

  • The Purple Restore is just 0.5” deeper

  • Purple use a unique GelFlex grid design

  • The Tempur-Adapt has a layer of the famous Tempur-Pedic foam

Both of these mattresses have a similar construction when it comes to design. The Tempur-Adapt has three layers whilst the Purple Restore has an additional  forth layer.

The Tempur-Adapt Hybrid has an 11” profile with a 4cm top comfort layer made from Tempur-Material, there’s then another 4cm support layer before a 3cm layer of over 1,000 premium spring coils. The Tempur-Material is so good for those with joint pain as it has a conforming feel but the slow responsiveness of this foam is off-set by the layer of coils which add a bit of bounce.

The Purple Restore is slightly deeper at 11.5” and the first layer is a GelFlex Grid which is Purples propriety material that offers cushioning comfort and support, followed by a layer of edge support foam, then a layer of comfort foam before a base of responsive coils which work with the GelFlex grid to create a cooler sleep. The Purple Restore has a super responsive feel with some bounce, thanks to the grid and coil system.

A woman sleeping on her side on the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress
A woman sleeping on her side on the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Comfort & support

  • The Purple has soft or firm options

  • The Tempur-Adapt comes in just medium

  • Both offer superior pressure relief

When it comes to judging which is more supportive between the Tempur-Adapt and the Purple Restore it’s a difficult choice. That’s because both of these mattresses have unique materials that rival even the best memory foam mattresses, that contour to the body keeping the spine in perfect alignment whilst the springs add a layer of responsiveness that make it easy to move around.

The Purple Restore is a great choice for all types of sleeper but side sleepers will find the pressure relief outstanding. The Tempur-Adapt hybrid is also a great choice for all sleepers but this mattress is better suited to back sleepers who need some sturdy support.

Purple does have a choice of soft or firm whilst the Tempur-Pedic comes in just a medium rating. However, it is worth noting that if you’re suffering from joint pain, the soft option won’t help ease that pain. The Tempur-Adapt may also claim that it’s medium but this is more on the firmer side so you will find your curves are hugged but you won’t get that sink-in feel that some memory foam mattresses can cause.

Both of these mattresses also offer excellent motion isolation which is great news for anyone sharing their bed with a restless partner or pets. Both mattresses also do a great job at edge support, so it’s a good option for sleepers who like to lie close to the edge or enjoy sitting on the bed relaxing and don’t want to feel like they’ll fall off.

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Temperature regulation

  • The inclusion of coils adds to overall breathability

  • The GelFlex grid had 2,800 open cells to help airflow

  • Both beds have a breathable cover

Both beds do a really good job at keeping cool at night. However, the Purple Restore does do a slightly better job at keeping temperatures regulated. The GelFlex grid in the purple Restore dissipates heat and works with the responsive coils to provide additional airflow. The Tempur-Adapt doesn’t have any cooling layers but having the layer of coils does mean that it sleeps considerably less hot than the all-foam model.

Both of these mattresses have a cooling cover. The Tempur-Adapt has a cool-to-the touch SmartClimate® cover is made with cooling fibers. The Purple Restore has a soft flex cover which is made using breathable materials. Both of these covers also add to the overall luxe feel of the mattress.

Tempur-Adapt v Purple Restore mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Hybrid if...

You have a larger budget: Tempur-Pedic mattresses are more expensive than most other brands including Purple. If you are able to spend a little more we recommend opting for the Tempur-Pedic as it has a good reputation for durability.

You want the comfort of memory foam: The Tempur-Material is one of the best memory foam you can get. It offers unmatched pressure relief and adapts to your body weight and body heat for extra comfort.

You like sleeping on the edge of your bed: If you like to sleep on the edge or the bed or simply like to sit on the edge to chill out this mattress is perfect.

Buy the Purple Restore mattress if...

You’re a side sleeper: This mattress is suited to all kinds of sleeper but side sleepers will find it extremely comfortable. The responsive bounce of the coils combined with the GelFlex grid means you will get all the support you need on your back, knees, hips and shoulders.

You sleep hot: Whilst the Tempur-Adapt does a good job of not getting too hot, the Purple Restore has breathable cover, heat-dissipating GelFlex Grid, and airflow-boosting coils.

You want firmness options: You can choose from two firmness levels, there’s a soft choice for side sleepers and firm for back and stomach sleepers.