KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 (Bernama) -- Teleport, AirAsia’s cargo and logistics platform, is focusing its operations on transporting medical aid and protective equipment intended for hospitals or frontline emergency responders.

This is in view of the travel restrictions imposed by Malaysia and other countries, said Teleport chief executive officer Pete Chareonwongsak.

While it is business as usual for Teleport, he said, the logistics company also has to get its priorities right during this difficult period. 

"These supplies are increasingly in short supply globally and we want to ensure this is delivered to the frontline workers in the region who need it the most. 

"Our focus at this time is doing our collective part to minimise the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for our team, all service partners, and our communities, in particular the many brave healthcare frontliners who are faced with critical medical equipment shortages," he said in a statement today. 

Chareonwongsak said during this time of uncertainty, Teleport as a logistics platform remains critical for regional supply chains, surging e-commerce demand, and essential services. 

"Our goal remains to keep the core of our domestic and international network by flying cargo-only on passenger planes so we are able to accommodate critical cargo and e-commerce needs. We intend to do our part," he said.

He said Teleport, which is wholly owned by AirAsia Group Bhd, works closely with the AirAsia group airlines to serve the logistics needs of the region. 

“On top of our domestic networks across the region, we expect to retain core international flight connectivity within Asean and to specific cities in China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. In addition, our growing next-day parcel delivery will continue to reach customers across 10 cities and and three countries,” he added. 



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