‘Telemarketers’ star returns home one month after mystery disappearance

Pat Pespas, 54 has ‘returned safely to his wife’  (Getty Images for HBO)
Pat Pespas, 54 has ‘returned safely to his wife’ (Getty Images for HBO)

The star of the HBO docuseries Telemarketets has returned back home almost a month after he disappeared, the show’s director announced on Thursday.

Pat Pespas, 54, was last seen on 29 September in Easton, Pennsylvania, police said at the time, and it has not yet been revealed what happened to the TV star while he disappeared.

“Patrick J Pespas has been found and returned safely to his wife Sue,” Telemarketers director Adam Bhala Lough wrote on X.

“Thank you to everyone who has shared messages of support, donated and prayed for Pat’s safe return. One day I hope to tell the whole story but for now Pat asks that everyone respects his and Sue’s privacy.”

Mr Pespas is a recovering drug addict, something that was well documented in Telemarketers, which chronicles a 20-year journey of two employees at a New Jersey call centre, according to the HBO website.

Police said that they were “concerned for his wellbeing.”

They believe the documentary star may have taken off in a white 2002 Ford Mustang. A fundraiser was set up for his wife Sue while her husband was missing, as she needed help with medical, home and food bills.

Mr Pespas usually takes care of his wife, who has been battling cancer for years, along with other health issues.

The GoFundMe page said that she was enduring a lot more stress while her husband was missing, and had to rely on other family members while Mr Pespas was gone.

Mr Bhala Lough also helped out Sue and Mr Pespas’ family on his X account, sending tips and updates to fans of the show to try and locate him.

“I’m heartbroken without you; please come home,” Sue said in a recorded video that the director shared with his followers on 14 October.

According to Mr Bhala Lough, the documentary star was allegedly spotted in various locations around the country, such as in a bar in Pittsburgh and in Manhattan in New York.

Now that Mr Pespas is safe has been found, Sam Lipman-Stern, the series’ co-director, said the family would like privacy at this time.

“Thankful to say Pat has been found, is safe and is back home with his wife Sue. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared supportive messages, helped Sue with her medical bills,” Mr Lipman-Stern wrote on X.

“We couldn’t have helped Sue and found Pat without everyone’s love and support.”

The Easton Police Department have yet to comment on the reports that Mr Pespas has been found; The Independent has contacted them for comment.