A Tekken 8 streamer spent almost a week using a one-button mashing bot to prove that Eddy Gordo is as big a menace as ever

 Eddy Gordo.
Eddy Gordo.

If you're a person who's been anywhere near a Tekken game in the last 25 years, the name Eddy Gordo probably strikes some kind of fear into you. The leg-swinging capoeira bro has long bore the (sometimes unjust) title as the annoying noob character: The guy your pal who's never touched a fighting game picks and mashes their way to victory with.

We had, for the first time ever, a capoeira-free period during Tekken 8's launch, but that time is over. Eddy Gordo is back, still annoying the ever-loving crap out of people, and one streamer is proving just how much of a menace he can be by using a one-button bot script to mash his way through the game's ranked mode.

JimMashima spent around six days live on Twitch running the script. The bot, as you might be able to guess by the name, is simply a script that spams the 3 input over and over again (usually X on a Sony pad, or the left kick). Spamming 3 unleashes a string that can be fairly gnarly if you don't know what's coming, starting out with a couple of mids and highs before surprising unbeknownst players with a low hit.

Over on Reddit, JimMashima said the bot took "exactly 21 lines of Python'' to code, and when asked how the constant stream gets maintained they replied: "I just leave for work and hope for the best".

According to a bot in JimMashima's chat, 3ddy has been tormenting poor players from the beginner rank all the way to a peak of Eliminator, which is still fairly early on in terms of skill but far along enough for it to be surprising. Over the last few days of me tuning into JimMashima's stream he's been hovering two ranks lower, in Vanquisher, yoyoing between a few wins and losses at a time, though the stream bot jokes that "His future peak is probably Tekken King".

Sadly, the experiment appears to be over for now, as the stream has been offline for almost half a day. According to this Reddit post, the 3ddy bot walked away with a rather fitting 33% win rate—well, 32.8% to be precise. All by mashing a single button. The 3ddy bot spent nearly 143 hours in matches, accruing 1115 wins across 3393 matches but surprisingly only nabbing a peak of nine wins in a row.

So what's the lesson here? Is Eddy Gordo still the ultimate noob killer? Is Tekken 8's rapidly-declining Steam rating justified among complaints of the game being too aggressive? Personally, I think some strings in the game are just incredibly goofy, this one especially so. It's not all that good once you get into higher ranks, but for low-level and low-knowledge players it's a deadly trap. I'm looking forward to seeing what cursed experiment JimMashima comes up with next, though. Some are already voting for Vic2or or K4zuy4 to take to the stage.