6 teh tarik delivery in S’pore for a touch of creamy milky goodness

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You can shout and protest all you want, but I can confidently say that the humble cup of teh tarik reigns supreme as Singapore's sweet drink treat of choice. What? Did someone say, milk tea? Honey, step aside and learn from this unassuming cup of black tea, mixed with condensed milk and then pulled several times for some frothy goodness. The 'Tarik' in the moniker means to pull; an unpulled teh tarik is merely teh and to draw parallels is just sacrilegious. Also, a good, unadulterated cup of Teh Tarik has no sugar. Just good ole' condensed milk.

To kick off the National Day series, here are 6 teh tarik delivery in Singapore for a touch of creamy milky goodness. Yums!


Bhai Sarbat

Some would say that second to Masjid Sultan at Kampong Glam, Bhai Sarbat could easily take the runner-up spot as the most iconic landmark in these parts of town. That speaks a lot for a shop that mainly sells some of the creamiest teh tariks known to Singaporeans (and some say Batam and even JB). Add on rustic al-fresco seating at the pavement by the road, provision of larger than life karipap, and convivial conversations in a smattering of international languages (pre-pandemic, of course), and you get a teh tarik stall that has endured since the 1970s and easily won over some of their most endearing fans.

Much to our relief, Bhai Sarbat is now finally offering delivery of their world-famous teh tarik in 3-litre boxes that can serve up to 17 cups. Fans can choose from the Teh Masala (S$48), Teh O Masala (S$43), Teh Tarik (S$35), Teh O (S$33), Teh Halia (S$43), Teh O Halia (S$40), Kopi (S$35), and Kopi O (S$33).

Islandwide delivery at S$10
Delivery time: 8am–2pm, 3pm–8pm

Order via Whatsapp: 9167 9190

Très Tarek

I remember the first time I placed an order with Très Tarek some three years ago, back when providing teh tarik on tap had yet to take off. What made their Teh Tarik more endearing is that it’s served in an ‘Ikat’—a plastic carrier filled with the teh tarik and then tied off at the top, giving it some serious 80s vibe at a time when plastic and paper cups were unheard of.

Fast forward to 2021, and I’m glad that Très Tarek still serves their teh tarik in the Ikat (S$1.30) while adding on other beverage offerings such as Kopi (S$1.30), Nescafe (S$1.50), and Teh-O (S$1). For more convenient packaging, there’s always the Très sachet (S$15) with a capacity of 12 cups and the Très tote (S$30) that serves up to 25 cups.

Order here

Teh Ais Tarik Ketagih SG

The teh tarik here purports to be 100% homemade by Muizaff, who started selling their Teh Ais Tarik Ketagih (tr. Addicted) Kaww JB Woww at Johor Bahru Giant Southern City Hypermarket. This seller is the only agent in Singapore who is bringing these bottles of teh tarik goodness directly to Singaporeans who crave the culinary delights that JB holds. The Teh Tarik is made only with milk and tea with no sugar added, which explains why so many people are addicted to this creamy and milky nectar.

Currently, preorders close every Friday, and the bottled teh tarik is priced at S$6.50 each, with five bottles going for S$30. They charge a S$7 fee or islandwide delivery, although any orders below three bottles can only opt for self-collection.

Order here

Teh Tarik by Kak M

In the free marketplace of teh tarik dominance, Kak M sets herself apart by emphasising that her beverages are made with filtered water free from chlorine and bacteria. Their water filter system is equipped with UV light treatment, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria still present in the water. She also doesn’t use sugar in her concoction, only milk, with the added option of preferred sweetness level? Customisation in my teh tarik? Sign me up.

Diners can choose from the Original flavour (2 litres at S$25 up to 19 litres at S$150) or Masala Chai and Ginger Chai (2 litres at S$30 up to 19 litres at S$175).

Order here


This one’s technically not a teh tarik stall, but it’s a unique enough concoction that I feel is a waste not to be included in this list. Habibtea.co prides itself as serving Singapore’s First Arab Bubble Tea, inspired by the exotic Middle East. 

Milk tea aficionados can choose from the HabibTea (S$6), which is a Masala tea with milk and brown sugar pearls, or the BhaiyaTea (S$6), a cup of home-brewed Chai made of Assam and Kenyan tea leaves with brown sugar pearls.

Rendered an insomniac after a cup of milk tea like me? Then perhaps Habibtea.co other offerings such as the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Cream Mousse (S$6) or the Belgian Chocolate with Cream Mousse (S$8) will be something that’s more up your alley.

Order here

Teh Mami

I don’t want to oversell it, but I honestly think that nothing goes better with Nasi Briyani than a cup of hot Teh Tarik. It’s a sentiment shared by Teh Mami, who’s offering Briyani and Teh Tarik bundle promo for three diners for S$25. That’s three sets of Briyani with your choice of meat, bundled with three bottles of Teh Tarik.

Food bundles aside, Teh Mami sells a personal pack of 5 bottles of Signature Teh Tarik (S$15) of 400ml each and a Party Pack of 15 bottles (S$42) each at 400ml as well. Suppose you’re catering for a bigger party. In that case, there’s always the 3-litre Teh Tarik Personal Dispenser (S$32) and the Teh Tarik Dispenser that starts at 8 litres (S$69) and goes up to a whopping option of 19 litres which is good for 95 cups of unadulterated Teh Tarik bliss. 

Order here


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