Teenager Breaks Record For Fastest Time Solving Rubik's Cube While Skydiving

A teenager broke the world record for fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube in freefall while skydiving in Jurien Bay, Australia, on April 22.

17-year-old Sam Sieracki claimed the Guinness World Record for “fastest time to solve a rotating puzzle cube whilst in freefall,” by solving the puzzle in 28.25 seconds.

Sieracki said that solving the cube while in freefall was more challenging than he expected, with it taking “exactly five tries” to beat the world record.

“It is very loud and you’ve got all the wind blowing in your face. It’s a lot harder to concentrate than if I’m just on the ground solving it, and I have to hold on tight to the cube from the force of the strong winds,” Sieracki said in a press release provided to Storyful by Guavo.Media.

This footage shows Sieracki achieving the world record whilst in freefall over Western Australia’s Jurien Bay. Credit: Guavo.Media/S. Sieracki via Storyful

Video transcript

- It was more of just a hobby, a skill, to impress my friends, and my teachers, my mom, and all that sort of stuff. I learnt how to solve it off of YouTube videos, and it was more of a party trick than anything.


I got together with a few of the guys who work at Skydive Jurien Bay, and we started planning how we're going to do this record-- the safety requirements and everything. Because, obviously, it could be dangerous if I drop the cube and it lands on someone. So after a bit of planning and a bit of talking with everyone, we finally attempted the world record.

And it was a lot harder than I expected. It ended up taking about five-- not about-- exactly five tries to actually break the record, because it turns out it's very difficult to turn the cube accurately when you've got all that wind blowing in your face trying to blow the cube out of your hands. You've got to hold it much tighter than on the ground.

So it was a really huge effort from not just me, but everyone else around me-- my family, my friends everyone at Skydive Jurien Bay.

- Yes.

- I just want to say "thank you" to everyone who helped me break the record. It's been a dream of mine for quite a while to have a world record. And thanks to Guavo Media for showcasing it.

- Hee. Beautiful. Congratulations. [INAUDIBLE]