Teen tried to save life of friend stabbed on basketball court, murder trial hears

Danillo Canales Glenn, 18, was fatally stabbed last September at a southeast basketball court. (dignitymemorial.com - image credit)

Danillo Canales Glenn's friend Tanner did everything he could to save the 18-year-old's life after he was stabbed in a random attack last September, a Calgary judge heard Monday at the trial for one of two brothers accused of murder.

Canales Glenn was killed while playing outdoor basketball with his two 17-year-old friends.

Although there is no publication ban in place, CBC News is identifying the friends only by their first names — Caden and Tanner — as they were underage at the time of the killing.

Tanner testified Monday.

"We thought of ourselves as brothers instead of friends," Tanner told prosecutor Vicki Faulkner.

On the evening of Sept. 5, 2023, the recent high school graduates ate Popeyes chicken sandwiches, bought a basketball pump at Canadian Tire and headed to the Copperfield Mahogany Community Centre around 7 p.m.

Dash cam and doorbell camera footage shows the three boys crossing the street toward the park. They were on the court for about 30 minutes before two other teens showed up.

The two were "eyeballing Danillo," according to Tanner's testimony.

'Let's go home'

That prompted Canales Glenn to ask why they were looking at him.

"They started to charge into the basketball court," said Tanner.

The teen testified he tried to de-escalate, telling everyone "it's not worth it today … let's go home."

"My attempts at de-escalating, getting everyone to go on their merry way … failed and they attacked us."

The two attackers pepper-sprayed the three basketball teens. Caden and Tanner ran from the court.

'I've been stabbed'

When they returned after about a minute, the assailants had fled and Canales Glen told his friends, "I've been stabbed."

Tanner jumped into action.

He called 911 and had his injured friend lie down on the ground. He then told Caden to run to his car for a first aid kit.

Tanner put on gloves and used gauze on Canales Glenn's chest wound to try to stop his friend's bleeding.

He also ordered a group of younger kids, who had been playing soccer beside the older boys, to go home.

When Canales Glenn lost consciousness and stopped breathing, Tanner began CPR.

Stabbed in heart, lung

By the time EMS and firefighters arrived, Canales Glenn had regained consciousness.

He died in hospital.

An autopsy found Canales Glenn had suffered several stab wounds, including to his heart and lungs.

Days after Canales Glenn died, the two brothers were arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

They were 16 and 18 years old at the time and can't be named in order to protect the identity of the youth.

Investigators found the younger brother's DNA on a sneaker left behind at the scene.

Forensic testing done on a sweatshirt seized from the brothers' home showed pepper spray was present on the clothing, which appears to match what one of the brothers was wearing in the security camera footage.

Court of King's Bench Justice Eleanor Funk is presiding over the younger brother's trial, set to wrap up this week. The other brother's trial has not yet been scheduled.