Teen e-scooter rider who beat red light, crashed into motorcyclist gets probation

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SINGAPORE — A 17-year-old e-scooter rider who beat a red light and crashed into a motorcyclist, fracturing the pillion rider’s foot, was given 15 months’ probation on Wednesday (3 June).

Elijah Kiong Leng Keng, a Singaporean, was riding his unregistered e-scooter along Punggol Way in the direction of Sengkang East Road 29 May 2018 at night. 

Kiong pleaded guilty to one count of causing hurt through a rash act to the male motorcyclist and his female pillion rider. One charge each of riding a personal mobility device, and riding an unregistered personal mobility device on the road along Punggol Way, were taken into consideration for sentencing. 

As Kiong approached the signalised traffic junction between Punggol Way and Punggol Field, he failed to keep a proper lookout ahead, and was instead looking downwards. 

When he looked up, he realised that the traffic light had turned red against him. However he was travelling at such a high speed that he was unable to stop his device. He travelled into the junction at the same time that the male motorcyclist and his female pillion rider were executing a right turn into Punggol Field. 

The motorcyclist had the right of way as he was executing the right turn when the green right turn arrow was on. 

Kiong collided with the the motorcycle’s rear portion, causing both motorcyclist and pillion rider to fall off. 

The woman was immediately conveyed to the hospital and was treated for a fracture on her foot. She was given 43 days of hospitalisation leave. The motorcyclist only suffered from bruises and abrasions.

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