‘Ted Lasso’ Star Phil Dunster Unpacks the Lasso Effect: ‘It’s About Delegating Power to Others’ (Video)

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Phil Dunster thinks “Ted Lasso” creator Jason Sudeikis embodies the “Lasso Effect” outside of the show.

The most recent episode of the comedy, which continues with Season 3’s trend toward longer episodes, watches Total Football take hold within the team as Ted (Sudeikis) and Coach Beard (Brendant Hunt) introduce the strategy to the Greyhounds. Lasso’s words of wisdom are to look at the scene and ask “What does this situation need?”

“There are some leaders who lead by giving power and others by protecting power, and he’s somebody who is who gives power,” Dunster told TheWrap at an FYC red carpet event in Hollywood. “And I think that’s the same as Ted. That’s something that I’ve tried to take on. If I learn anything from this, it’s about delegating power to others if I’m ever in a leading position.”

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As for the eighth episode, arriving this week, Dunster teases a particular British body spray scene.

“There is some pretty serious Lynx body spray aka Axe action to come, which is one of those weird little fun bits that sort of run through the show,” he said.

In Episode 7 of the Apple TV+ show, Dunster’s character Jamie Tartt fully takes on the team mentality by telling his teammates to “Play through me, instead of to me,” in his signature Mancunian accent.

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“For a lot of Americans, they’re like, ‘I don’t understand him. I need the subtitles on, I don’t understand him,’” Dunster joked. “ When Zava turned up, it sort of spurred on this new sense of playing as a collective, which Jamie did not have before. When Dani [Rojas] (Cristo Fernández) showed up in season one, he was like, ‘I’m the one. I’m the player. I’m the boy. The ace.’ He believes he’s the ace and he thinks that he can be the best by beating Danny. And then when Zava turns up he thinks that we can integrate this player into the team and we can be the best.”