Ted Cruz Bizarrely Makes Cancun Joke While Telling Texans To Stay Warm

There are few constants in this world... death, taxes, and Sen. Ted Cruz humiliating himself with jokes about the time he ditched his fellow Texans and went to Cancun during a record cold snap.

On Sunday, the smarmy Texas Republican sent out a social media post telling his constituents to take steps to protect themselves in the midst of a massive cold wave blasting much of the country.

Texans, with the freeze coming, wrap your pipes, cover your plants, stay off icy roads & keep your family safe,” Cruz said, before adding this quip: “And, if it gets too damn cold, join me in Cancun!”

As you can see, the post featured a clip of former “SNL” cast member Aidy Bryant portraying the Texas Senator sunning it up in the tropics.

The “joke” in the post, of course, is the time Cruz ditched Texas in February 2021 for the much warmer environs of Cancun, Mexico, during a cold spell that killed 246 Texans.

Cruz was slammed for leaving the state, which he later tried to blame on, depending on the day, his daughters, other parents in a Cancun group chat, and, of course, the media.

Although Cruz’ excuses were justifiably mocked, the Texas Senator is consistently annoying enough that voters might forget about it.

Except the Senator won’t let it die. Besides bringing up Cancun in Sunday’s post, he has made “jokes” about it on other occasions, such as last May, when he posted a photo posing next to a neon Cancun thermometer.

Not surprisingly, many users of X mocked Cruz for joking about Cancun at a time when many of his fellow citizens are at risk of freezing.

One person was not only bothered by the tweet, but pointed out the Senator’s use of the Aidy Bryant clip might violate Texas laws against drag queens.