Tech helps San Francisco Opera return to stage

The San Francisco Opera goes high tech in lockdown

Courtesy: San Francisco Opera

Location: San Francisco, California

This pocket-sized device named Aloha {arrow}

reduces the lag between producing a sound and it being heard

It helps recreating the experience of performing together live

even when artists and audiences are far apart

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SOPRANO, ANNE-MARIE MACINTOSH, SAYING:"So with the Aloha device, we've been able to make music together once again and to really have that collaboration element, which in preparation for these performances has been a huge. Barber is an ensemble number. And you really need to be able to develop the understanding of how the other parts are interacting with your part, how the orchestra is interacting with you and having the ability to work together in the same time made a huge difference for that.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SOPRANO, ANNE-MARIE MACINTOSH, SAYING:"It definitely feels live. I was shocked with how little lag I mean, certainly to my, I feel quite trained ears, really there wasn't a perceptible lag. So that was shocking to me that technology has advanced that far."