Teargas fired at Greek-Turkish border

Teargas and smoke bombs clouded a Greek-Turkish land border on Saturday (March 7) in a fresh flare-up in tensions over migrants seeking access to European Union territory.

A Reuters correspondent in the area said the projectiles were coming from Turkish territory and being fired towards Greek police near the border crossing.

Some tear gas was also being fired by Greek police.

Thousands of migrants have been trying to get into Greece, an EU member state after Turkey said last week it would no longer try to keep them as agreed in 2016 with the EU in return for billions of euros in aid.

Greek officials say authorities have stopped more than a thousand attempts to cross the border in the last 24 hours.

Hakim, a Moroccan migrant is among those trying to reach Europe.


"We want a solution, we want to go to Europe, we don't want to stay here in Turkey. Turkey was kind to us, everything here is good, the soldiers, the government, everything, but the Greeks aren't good to us, they are firing tear gas, attacking us, they won't let us get to Europe. We want to go to Europe because we want a better future for us and for our families and loved ones."

Heavy machinery was moved to the border crossing area on the Greek side on Saturday morning and a bulldozer was seen digging embankments.

Turkey on Friday (March 6) accused the European Union of using migrants as political tools.

as the EU pleaded with migrants to stop crossing into Greece but dangled the prospect of more aid for Ankara.