Tear Gas Deployed as Protesters Gather on Key Bridges in Central Baghdad

Protesters gathered on several key bridges in central Baghdad on Sunday, October 25, as demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the deadly 2019 protests took place across the country.

Reuters reported the use of water cannon and tear gas against protesters on the Al-Jumhuriya Bridge to stop demonstrators from crossing. The bridge is a key route to a number of government buildings.

This footage shows fires lighting on the Al-Jumhuriya Bridge. The bridge was the site of intense clashes between security forces and protesters throughout the 2019 protests.

The largest protests since the fall of Saddam Hussein took place in Iraq in 2019, with protesters demanding improved services, better employment opportunities and an end to corruption.

Amnesty said in January that at least 600 people were killed in the protests, and it accused Iraqi security forces of undertaking a “lethal campaign of repression.” Credit: @news.tas via Storyful

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