Team USA sang 'Happy Birthday' to Kevin Durant before the Opening Ceremony. It wasn't his birthday

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Hey, it was a nice gesture.

The entire United States delegation belted out “Happy Birthday” in the hallways of Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium at the Opening Ceremony on Friday, in an effort to celebrate Kevin Durant’s big day.

There’s just one problem: Durant’s birthday isn’t until Sept. 29.

Thankfully, Durant’s Team USA teammate JaVale McGee caught the moment on camera and shared it to his Instagram story.

It’s not exactly clear how or why this started. Based on Durant’s face, though, he seems both shocked and more than just a little annoyed by it.

Still, it's safe to assume this will be one "birthday" that Durant won't be forgetting anytime soon. After all, who gets to celebrate with more than 600 Olympic athletes at the same time like that?

Best of Tokyo Opening Ceremony slideshow embed
Best of Tokyo Opening Ceremony slideshow embed

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