Team USA 2022 Olympics uniforms unveiled

The winter Olympic Games in Beijing are just three months away, and Team USA will be ready for the cold.

Ralph Lauren designed Team USA's winter look. The American designer has clothed Team USA since 2008.

For the 2022 Olympic Closing Ceremony, Team USA will wear a buffalo plaid hooded puffer jacket, which is made from recycled materials.

Aja Evans, Olympic bronze medalist bobsledder said the clothes are eco-friendly.

"For sure, Ralph Lauren is just the brand to be in. I feel so good wearing the clothing and it's all sustainable as well. That makes me feel good that they're... you know, it's kind of benefiting the environment. And they work with Team USA athletes and help give back with proceeds. So I feel like all around, they're a support system for us."

The navy blue turtleneck sweater has a rendition of the American flag and the Olympic rings.

The men will wear white fleece pants and women will wear blue fleece leggings. And the 2022 Olympic hat is made from environmentally-responsible wool.

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