Team Flash complete undefeated run to win Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals

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Vietnam's Team Flash have claimed the championship of the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia Finals after they swept Taiwan's Flash Wolves, 4-0, in the grand finals. (Screenshot courtesy of Wild Rift Esports/Riot Games)
Vietnam's Team Flash have claimed the championship of the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia Finals after they swept Taiwan's Flash Wolves, 4-0, in the grand finals. (Screenshot courtesy of Wild Rift Esports/Riot Games)

Vietnamese League of Legends: Wild Rift powerhouse Team Flash have claimed the championship of the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) Finals 2022, capping off their undefeated run throughout the entire tournament with a 4-0 sweep over Taiwan's Flash Wolves in the grand finals on Sunday (8 May).

Team Flash earned a direct seed to the WCS Finals playoffs as the champions of the WCS Vietnamese sub-regional tournament, coming back strong from an underwhelming performance in the Wild Rift SEA Championships last year.

The Vietnamese squad began their WCS Finals playoff campaign by sweeping the Philippines' Fennel Adversity, 3-0, in a statement win at the upper bracket quarterfinals before outlasting Thai team Buriram United, 3-2, in the upper bracket semifinals.

Meanwhile, Flash Wolves won the WCS Masters sub-regional tournament for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan to also automatically qualifying them for the WCS Finals playoffs.

The Taiwanese team started their campaign strong with a 3-2 win against Vietnamese second seed CERBERUS Esports. In the upper bracket semifinals, Flash Wolves outlasted the Philippines' top seed Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), 3-2, to advance to the upper bracket finals against Team Flash.

In a showdown between the two 'flash' squads, Team Flash routed Flash Wolves, 3-1, to secure the first spot in the grand finals. Flash Wolves earned their rematch with Team Flash in the grand finals after they defeated RRQ, 4-2, in the lower bracket finals.

While the Vietnamese powerhouse swept the grand finals, all four games were intensely competitive. Here's how the matches played out:

The first game of the grand finals started with both teams aggressively trying to gain momentum in the early game, but it was Team Flash that came out ahead after Phạm "Coyote" Bình scored a Quadra Kill.

Flash Wolves tried to trade map objectives and even took three kills in the Baron lane, but the Vietnamese squad had full control of the map and were split-pushing the Dragon lane.

The Taiwanese team then attempted twice to take on their Vietnamese opponents in five-versus-five fights, which ended in disaster as Team Flash repeatedly emerged victorious.

And in less than 17 minutes, Team Flash took the Baron after finishing off three Flash Wolves players then marched down the mid lane to take their opening win of the finals with a 17-8 kill lead.

Coyote was named Player of the Game, with a 88% participation rate on Garen and his effectivity across the map with split pushing, team fighting, and protecting the rest of his team from flanks.

Game two started with Flash Wolves' Chiu "Bruce" Chih-Chun getting a lead in the mid lane, shutting down Coyote’s Ahri. The Taiwanese kept their pace, splitting Team Flash in a teamfight for the Rift Herald, where they punished Coyote and Nguyễn "Zysu" Phat on Olaf.

Team Flash were still able to turn things around, however, by taking objectives and choking out Flash Wolves in the jungle and the side lanes. The Taiwanese squad kept trying to claw their way back into the game by scoring occasional pickoffs.

However, Team Flash were unfazed as they finished off game two in 20 minutes and with a 24-15 kill lead. Zysu won Player of the Game with a 58% kill participation rate on his Olaf.

The pace did not slow down in the third game with both teams picking up 16 kills in just 10 minutes. Flash Wolves found a slight lead by outplaying their opponents in teamfights.

However, the Vietnamese team were still able to keep up thanks to their Olaf-Yuumi combination and Đỗ "Elly" Đạt’s Lux AD Carry.

And after a bloody 17-minute encounter, Team Flash took a commanding 3-0 series lead up 20-12 in kills. Zysu once again took Player of the Game honours with a 70% kill participation rate on his Olaf.

With their backs against the wall in game four, Flash Wolves started strong and had a slight lead in the early game.

But, in signature Team Flash fashion, the Vietnamese started taking control by the midgame. Zysu and Coyote led the way, chasing off Flash Wolves from teamfights for map objectives and even in the side lanes.

Flash Wolves managed to hold on thanks to Chan "Cookie" Yun-Shang trying to get small wins for his team, but it was not nearly enough.

Team Flash showed that they were the better team, as they decisively routed their Taiwanese opponents to their base and eventually secured the 4-0 series sweep after 19 minutes of action.

Zysu notably took player of the game honours with a 79% kill participation rate and a remarkable performance on Kha’zix.

With their victory, Team Flash claim the WCS Finals 2022 championship and the grand prize of US$32,000.

Meanwhile, Flash Wolves bow out of the competition in second place and with US$27,000 in consolation.

The Top 4 teams of the WCS Finals, namely Team Flash, Flash Wolves, RRQ, and BRU, will be representing Southeast Asia in Wild Rift Icons, the most prestigious international competition for Wild Rift.

As the WCS Finals champion, Team Flash has earned a direct seed to the Icons group stage while the three other teams will start from the play-in stage.

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