Teachers rally against Hungary's anti-LGBT law

Transgender chemistry teacher Floris Fellegi-Balta isn't sure he can continue to work in Hungary.

The country passed legislation last month curbing children's access to discussion of LGBTQ issues.

That forced Fellegi-Balta, who is in the process of gender reassignment, to figure out whether he would - and could - still be employed.

"There is complete uncertainty about the law. But we do not want to adhere to it. Whatever it means we will not change a thing in the way we work. The school has already assured me that as long as the school can exist I have a place there, so they stood by me and our LGBT students."

The law, which comes into force on Thursday (July 8) has caused anxiety within the LGBT community.

It says under-18s cannot be shown pornographic content.

It also bans any content the government deems to encourage gender reassignment or homosexuality.

It also proposes a vetted list of groups allowed to hold sex education sessions in schools.

Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban was unmoved by criticism on the law's first day.

He said his government would not allow LGBTQ activists into schools.

EU commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen branded the new rules as "disgraceful" on Wednesday (July 7) - adding that Hungary must ditch the law, or the EU will act.

But Orban said only Hungary had the right to decide on how children should be raised and educated.

Children's book editor Boldizsar Nagy hopes the legislation is nothing but scaremongering.

"The law in its present form is only suitable to raise fears and make people, publishers, companies shut up, or to exercise self-censorship. But what I am seeing is that since this is not the first such law, we have seen similar ones, so the reaction from many publishers I have talked about is that we would continue to work the same way as before."

Orban, in power since 2010, views laws like this one as part of a fight to safeguard traditional Christian values from Western liberalism.

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