Teacher watched statutory rape film with schoolboy lover, court hears

Rebecca Joynes wearing a white blouse
Ms Joynes outside Manchester Crown Court earlier this week - Steve Allen

A teacher and a teenage schoolboy watched an Adam Sandler film about the statutory rape of a pupil before allegedly engaging in their own sexual affair, a court has heard.

Rebecca Joynes watched the 2012 comedy That’s My Boy with the 15-year-old student at her apartment, Manchester Crown Court was told on Friday.

The film depicts a sexual relationship between a teenage boy and his schoolteacher, who is jailed for statutory rape.

Joynes, 30, is accused of six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being a person in a position of trust, all relating to two teenage boys who remain anonymous for legal reasons.

She denies any sexual activity took place.

On Friday, the jury was shown the video interviews that boy B, who cannot be identified, gave to police detectives after Joynes was arrested.

Adam Sandler holds a baseball bat next to a woman in short shorts
A still from the Adam Sandler comedy That's My Boy, which Ms Joynes is alleged to have watched with a pupil - Alamy

He said the first time they met at her apartment they had only kissed and Joynes had whispered in his ear about waiting until his next birthday, when he would be 16.

He said he then put the Sandler comedy on the TV.

The court heard boy B telling police officers how he later lost his virginity to the teacher in her apartment. He said: “Obviously, it was my first time, so I was nervous.”

“I said something like ‘don’t expect anything big, I’m only 16 or whatever’ and she was laughing.

“Then when we first had sex, pulling my pants down, she said: ‘Oh! You lied to me.’ There was a kind of tension because I was 16 now. I said: ‘I’m legal.’

“It lasted 40 minutes to an hour. I didn’t climax. I did keep getting frustrated. She would just be like: ‘Chill out, take your time.’ She said: ‘Don’t get frustrated, it happens.’

“I was 16 and I thought I had blown it. She was like: ‘It’s your first time, it was great.’”

Ms Joynes's father looks at the camera with concern, with his wife and daughter beside him
Ms Joynes with her parents on the way to court - Steve Allen

Boy B said Joynes had told him she could not have a baby and they had unprotected sex, but in fact she discovered she was pregnant.

The relationship also soured, with frequent rows, as Joynes became jealous and controlling, he claimed.

Boy A, 15, has previously told the court he lied to his mother that he was staying at his friend’s house, but instead was at Joynes’s apartment where they twice had sex.

Police then received an anonymous tip-off and Joynes was arrested and suspended from her job while police investigated.

While on bail, she allegedly became involved with boy B, by whom she became pregnant.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.