Teacher with dwarfism inspires students at her former school

STORY: This Palestinian teacher used to be bullied for dwarfism

Now, Ayat al-Khateeb hopes to inspire her students to never give up

Location: Ilut, Israel

(Ayat al-Khateeb, Arabic teacher) "I never felt different until I first went to school, I started to have this feeling. I wondered why are they treating me like this? Why are they calling me names, why do they bother me? Yes, it was a difficult stage in my life, it was not easy."

Al-Khateeb decided to return and teach Arabic at her old school

where she used to be bullied as a young student

"We all know that school is main source of education and knowledge, it is the place that can have the biggest impact on students, we are talking about students in the early stages of their life and who are developing their thoughts. Therefore as Ayat, I see it is very important to be present as a teacher at school."

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