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"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" (2017)

Targets: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Lyrics: It was so nice being friends again / There I was giving you a second chance / But then you stabbed my back while shaking my hand / And therein lies the issue / Friends don’t try to trick you / Get you on the phone and mind-twist you / And so I took an ax to a mended fence. It's widely believed that this lyric is a direct reference to Swift's ongoing feud with West and Kardashian. The "second chance" she sings about might refer to Swift and West's surprising friendship after he infamously interrupted her speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Fast-forward seven years and Swift came under fire after Kardashian posted a Snapchat video of the Reputation singer and West talking about his song "Famous" on the phone. The video came after Swift claimed that she had never heard the song nor was told that West was going to call her "that bitch" in it. Swift's mention of a mind-twisted phone call is likely a reference to the now-famous Snapchat video.

Taylor Swift Just Came For All Her Haters’ Necks

"Well, when they stop coming for me, I will stop singing to them."