Taylor Swift Fan Recounts Why Pop Star Called Off Security Guard Midsong: ‘Her Fans Know She Has Our Back’ (Video)

The fan that Taylor Swift defended Saturday night on the second night of her three-show stop at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia has told Good Morning America what happened.

The “Anti-Hero” singer saw a security guard interrupt one of her fans dancing, and she spoke up during her performance of “Bad Blood” off her “1989” album.

“I was dancing, and I mean, she was right in front of me, we had front-row seats so she was right in front of me singing ‘Bad Blood,; one of my favorite songs,” Kelly Kelly said in a video segment you can watch above.

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The security guard told Kelly, a third-grade teacher and mom, to stop, to calm down and to not dance, but Swift noticed and yelled at him.

“She wasn’t doing anything,” the singer said into her mic. “Hey stop!”

Swift skillfully wove the reprimand into the chorus of her song. Her last “Stop!” came after the “Hey!” in “Bad Blood.” She then strutted away across the stage.

“The security guard had no idea what was going on so I was like ‘Hey Taylor’s talking to you,” said Kristin Birmingham, a concert attendee with Kelly. “And then he quickly disappeared, he left.”

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Kelly said she has been a Taylor Swift fan for 16 years, even camping out for Swift’s GMA 2014 performance.

“I think it means so much to everybody else too,” Kelly said. “Like her fans know that she has our back.”

Kelly also attended the final sold out show in Philly. The next stop for Swift’s “Eras” tour is Foxborough, Massachusetts.

At the first show of her Nashville stop, the “Love Story” singer announced that her rerecorded version of album “Speak Now” will launch July 7. Her latest original album, “Midnights” came out Oct. 21, 2022.

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