Taylor Swift Breaks Her Silence on the Full Kanye West 'Famous' Phone Call Leak

Alyssa Bailey


Taylor Swift made her first, definitive statement about the full Kanye West "Famous" phone leak on her Instagram. Footage of the entire call, where West and Swift discussed lyrics for his controversial track about her, came out on social media this weekend. Kardashian had released excerpts of the call on her Snapchat in 2016 that made it appear Swift approved all of West's lyrics about her. The full call footage shows that wasn't the case: Swift never signed off on West using the line "I made that bitch famous." But that call led many to attack Swift on social media for appearing to be a liar. Swift retreated from the public spotlight for a year and spoke later in interviews about how hard being cancelled was for her.

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In her new Instagram statement, Swift bluntly acknowledged of the call's impact on her, then directed her fans to the actual issue that really matters right now: the coronavirus pandemic and supporting those impacted by it.

She wrote on her Instagram Story:

Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about the video footage that was leaked, proving I was telling the truth the whole time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded, that somebody edited and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for the last 4 years)...

SWIPE UP to see what really matters.

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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