Taylor Lautner and Wife Tay Reveal a 'Misconception' People Have About Their Married Life (Exclusive)

The couple also tells PEOPLE they have not spent more than "a weekend" apart since saying "I do" in November 2022

<p>STEM</p> Taylor and Tay Lautner


Taylor and Tay Lautner

Taylor and Tay Lautner may share an extraordinary love, but their life together is about as ordinary as it gets!

In fact, 27-year-old Tay — who was studying to be a nurse when she first crossed paths with the Twilight alum — says the pair's "normal" life may just be the most surprising thing about their marriage.

While discussing the couple's partnership with bug killer and repellent brand STEM, Tay tells PEOPLE, “I didn't grow up in the industry at all, and our day-to-day is still very normal."

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“I remember I posted an Instagram Story of a bug in my laundry or something," she recalls, "and everyone's like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you do your own laundry?’ ”

Her actor beau, 32, interjects — “LOL” — before sarcastically asking, “You know what laundry is?”

“Guys, it's very normal here. We go to the grocery store,” Tay continues. “That would be a misconception for me, is we're just normal. We're just still doing the thing.”

<p>Taylor Lautner/Instagram</p> Taylor Lautner (right) and wife Tay

Taylor Lautner/Instagram

Taylor Lautner (right) and wife Tay

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Far less ordinary, however, is the peace the pair has found together. Taylor, who previously told PEOPLE that their first year of marriage was “pretty smooth sailing,” says not much has changed as they near their second anniversary.

“Wish we could give you something juicy here,” the actor says, and Tay adds, “I know. I feel like we have such boring answers when it comes to it, but I guess no news is good news sometimes.”

And there has been plenty of room for bumps in the road. The couple, who co-hosts The Squeeze — a podcast centered on mental health and well-being — have been practically attached at the hip since they said “I do” in late 2022.

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Tay ventures that they have not spent more than “a weekend” apart, and Taylor echoes, “Yeah, probably three or four days — and that was probably pretty tough, at least for me.”



“You can see who the whipped one is,” he jokes, as Tay pushes back, insisting that he just loves “being around” people.

But, Taylor insists, "I prefer your company."

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The couple is gearing up to spend their most time apart yet, as Taylor is preparing for a lead role in The Token Groomsman — his first film since 2022’s Home Team and his second since tying the knot with Tay. Costarring Sarah Hyland and Andie MacDowell, the rom-com takes place largely overseas, in Italy.

Taylor first met Tay right before he flew to London for work, so the pair used long FaceTime calls as an “accelerated way of getting to know each other,” he says. But after that, he took a step back from acting, so they haven’t had much time to master the art of a long-distance relationship.

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But, Tay says, “I have more confidence in us this time around,” adding that the couple’s “problem is we actually like each other and still like to hang out all the time.”

“We're warming up to it,” Taylor adds. “It will be a little challenging, but I have faith deep somewhere.”

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