Taylor Hill, Chiara Ferragni, Sara Sampaio: this week's beauty looks

In cities as diverse as Paris, Los Angeles, New York, London and Milan, fashion icons regularly share their new hair and makeup looks on social networks, providing the rest of us with a wealth of inspiration on how we should do ours in turn. This week, against a backdrop of a progressive exit from lockdown, the internet's most influential beauty addicts mainly focused on natural looks with hardly any, or only the most discreet, changes to their complexions.

Chiara Ferragni
Taking advantage of the end of lockdown to come and go as she pleases, the Italian influencer has also been indulging in the pleasure of makeup that is more carefully worked than it has been in recent weeks. At the same time, the 33-year-old has chosen an all-natural palette of earthy tones with nude, beige and gold, all of which serve to emphasize her azure blue eyes.

Taylor Hill
To celebrate the end of lockdown, the American top model has done her makeup as though she was heading out for the night. The result is all glamour: with a carefully worked complexion, eyes that are subtly highlighted with nude eyeshadow and a touch of mascara, and siren lips rendered in voluptuous carmine.

Sara Sampaio
The Portuguese model has opted for a 100% natural beauty look with a lightly tanned complexion that she may have touched up with a little bronzing powder. The eyes and the lips are barely worked at all with the exception of an ultra-discreet touch of deep black mascara.

Imaan Hammam
The Dutch top model has also chosen a natural look with a smooth and radiant complexion, eyes gently highlighted with mascara and a subtly glossy mouth. All in all, a very natural aesthetic that is well-paired with a laidback outfit and the outdoor surroundings.

Caroline Receveur
The French influencer is also taking advantage of the end of lockdown to share her latest fashion and beauty looks. This week, the 32-year-old stands out with a wavy bob and natural makeup. The complexion has nonetheless been carefully worked, so too has the mouth with meticulously applied pink lipstick.