Taxi drivers protest over Uber's Barcelona return

Hundreds of taxis streamed through the streets of Barcelona on Thursday (March 18) as drivers protested against the return of Uber in the city.

The ride sharing app and rival Cabify suspended services in Barcelona in 2019 in response to the regional government's imposition of limits on how they operate in the city.

The Catalan government ruled that ride-hailing services could only pick up passengers after a 15-minute delay from the time they were booked.

Uber is now offering an interim service that uses metered fares until it is authorized to implement a fixed price tariff.

It's a move that's angered taxi drivers like Silvia.

"They are working with taxis, but not applying the rates we have. They apply a dynamic rate and we don't work like that. We demand that, if they have to work with the app, at least they do it under the same rules we comply with."

Uber said in a statement Monday (March 15) “today we move again in Barcelona, but we do not do it alone. We do it hand in hand with all those cab drivers who, like us, think that offering a good service comes first.”