Tar-smeared snake is rescued by kind men in India

A team of snake rescuers rescued a Common Krait snake after it was completely smeared in tar at Korba in Chattisgarh of India on June 6. Gaurav Garg received a distress call from SECL (South Eastern Coalfields) about the reptile after which he reached the spot with his team and found the snake in a bad condition. The snake was completely smeared in coal tar and was unable to crawl. Gaurav alerted the forest officials after finding the snake in bad condition, after which a snake scientist was consulted who guided the team as to how the snake has to be rescued. As per the forest officials,the snake was probably slithering on the newly built road in the dark when it got smeared in the tar. The tar of the newly built road had not dried up as the construction was being performed at the night to avoid traffic. After a frantic effort of almost 45 minutes, the snake was rescued. It was then kept under observation for almost 20 minutes before it was released into the wild in presence of the Divisional Forest officer Priyanka Pandey.