Tang Wei to star in Park Chan-wook's new movie

21 May – It was revealed that Chinese actress Tang Wei is set to star in another Korean film, and this time she is working with the multiple award-winning filmmaker Park Chan-wook.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress is set to star alongside Park Hae-il of "Memories of Murder" fame in Park's upcoming project, "The Decision to Break Up" (translated title), which is set to begin filming in autumn 2020.

When asked about the said project, Tang's rep responded, "We are thankful for Director Park's offer and looking forward to working with him. We're currently looking at the schedule to enable the cooperation."

Prior to the new project, Tang was filming the movie, "Wonderland", directed by her own husband, Kim Tae-yong.

Last year, Park Chan-wook, known for films like "The Handmaiden" and "Oldboy", was said to be planning a remake of Costa-Gavras' movie "The Ax". No news as to whether the project will go on as planned.

(Photo Source: Tang Wei Instagram)