Tana Mongeau Posted Her Entire Butt on Instagram and Honestly, We Stan This Confidence

Kelsey Stiegman

From Seventeen

I'm gonna be honest: I really don't need another "how were handling this" post from every brand I follow on Instagram. I don't need the same coronavirus update blasted over and over again from every news outlet. What I do need? A little bit of positivity on my feed and queen of content Tana Mongeau is giving us just that.

Photo credit: Instagram

The YouTuber is blasting bawdy all over Instagram with a full carrousel of underwear pics. Did anyone ask for this? Probably not. But do you love to see it? Yes, yes, and yes.

Tana's looking like a snack in these shots – that is not up for debate. However, I'd like to invite you to head over to her Instagram Stories for a side order of bootay. She posted a full butt shot, showing off her white thong.

Photo credit: Instagram

The initial pics were posted in collaboration with an underwear brand, but according to Tana's caption, they did NOT approve this butt-focused photo. What can you say? Tana does what Tana wants.

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