Talon Esports' kpii: Current SEA Div II teams 'a bit weaker' than Winter Tour teams

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Damien "kpii" Chok and Talon Esports have secured a spot in Division I of the Southeast Asian regional league. (Photos: Talon Esports)

Talon Esports are one of the two teams in the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Spring Tour regional league for Southeast Asia that will be promoted to Division I next season.

The team notched an impressive 6-1 record in the league, losing only to RSG, the other team to be promoted.

Talon had a difficult DPC debut during the Winter Tour, finishing in fifth place and parting ways with Tal "Fly" Aizik and Kim "Gabbi" Villafuerte. But after bringing in Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon and Worawit "Q" Mekchai for the Spring Tour, the team are now on track to becoming a powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

Yahoo Esports Southeast Asia talked with Talon offlaner Damien "kpii" Chok to know more about this new iteration of the team as well as their feelings towards the new patch.

When comparing Talon’s performance this season to the Winter Tour, kpii said the difference was that they were better prepared and faced slightly weaker competition this time around.

“Teams are a bit weaker than last season in my opinion, the competition last season was stronger. We didn't have enough time to prepare last season. Plus having a coach also helps,” said kpii.

Talon’s coach, Lee "Forev" Sang-don, has almost a decade of experience playing Dota 2 on the competitive level. Forev has also attended The International (TI) four times during his career as a player.

Kpii elaborated on what Forev does for the team, saying, “It's nice to have a third party looking over us. Helps in drafting, gameplay, and watches all our replays.”

But while having a coach supporting them from the sidelines has paid dividends for Talon, many point towards the addition of 23savage as the real driving force behind the team's success.

Kpii described the Thai star as a reliable teammate that is ready to take on a leadership role when needed.

“23savage is a carry we can rely on. He is also comfortable [in making] a lot of calls, since most of the players are a bit more quiet,” said kpii.

Southeast Asian teams are typically made up of players from multiple countries, which can create communication issues.

In Talon's case, their roster is comprised of two Thai players in 23savage and Q, two Indonesian players in Rafli "Mikoto" Rahman and Brizio "Hyde" Putra, as well as one Australian in kpii.

Despite their multinational roster, kpii says Talon communication problems aren't prevalent on the team.

“English is the primary language. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to convey messages but it's bearable,” added the offlaner.

The current DPC format has been criticized for being too long, causing players to spend far more time practicing compared to previous years.

This was a fact that former OG captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein lamented, and kpii has echoed such sentiments.

“[The DPC Tour] is way too long and as a result, the hype around the games are so much lower. Also, I would like to see third-party tournaments come back, so the DPC schedule would need to be reduced," said the Talon offlaner.

The latest Dota 2 patch also didn’t change the game as much as previous post-TI patches did. The current patch also features some broken mechanics, such as the insane flying vision provided by the Harpy Scout.

For kpii, the biggest change he’d like to see is a nerf to shared regeneration items between allies, as he feels it’s impossible to pressure carries out of the lane right now.

“I would like to see [position 5 support] laning meta changed. It's much harder to pressure the opposing carry as an offlaner these days when the support buys a lot of Healing Salves. I want the change to be something like Salves healing for 75% when used on allies," said kpii.

You can catch kpii and the rest of Talon Esports in Division I of the Summer Tour regional league for Southeast Asia from June to July.

Kpii is one of the most experienced players in the Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene, having played for the likes of Mineski, TNC Predator, and Team SMG prior to joining Talon Esports. He is most known for his stint in China with Newbee, with whom he finished The International 2017 in second place.

Otomo is a long-time gaming enthusiast and caster. He has been playing games since he was 10 and is the biggest Dota 2 fan.

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