Find out how you can talk to William Shatner, even when he's no longer alive

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William Shatner is ambassador of the American startup StoryFile.

Canadian actor William Shatner, the unforgettable Captain Kirk of the "Star Trek" saga, has become the ambassador of American startup StoryFile. The company has developed a technology based on artificial intelligence that allows individuals to converse with people, even after their death, thanks to a video recorded during their lifetime and then transformed into "interactive experiences."

At 90 years old, William Shatner is adopting StoryFile's technology to share his life story and leave a legacy for people around the world once he is gone. He joins other people who have already shared their stories with the startup (including astronauts, civil rights activists, Holocaust survivors and more).

The idea is to develop an interactive video platform powered by artificial intelligence so that family and friends can interact with relatives or celebrities for years to come, even after their death.

To be clear, there is no question of an avatar or deepfake: you will be dealing with the real William Shatner. It will be possible to ask him questions directly about his life, his work and his different roles.

The public will be able to discover this new technology from June 2021 using any connected device.

StoryFile's ambition, beyond the technological prowess, is to leave a legacy of what the 20th century was like for future generations, through both emblematic and more anonymous figures.

See a video of William Shatner on StoryFile:

David Bénard