Taliban imposes some order at chaotic Kabul airport

Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers imposed some order around the capital Kabul's airport on Sunday (August 22), as thousands of Afghans desperately continued attempts to flee their home country.

Witnesses said the Taliban organised queues, and kept crowds from gathering at the perimeter.

The night before, video published online showed women climbing up the razor wire wall, and helping others to do so.

What appeared to be U.S. military personnel were also seen in the vicinity.

At least twelve people have died around the single-runway airfield, according to Taliban and NATO officials.

Witnesses say some were shot, while others died in a stampede.

The U.S. evacuated more than 17,000 people in the past week, while Qatar's air force has evacuated thousands to its capital Doha.

The country is hosting evacuees until they enter a third country.

But many that left Afghanistan have been forced to leave some of their loved ones behind.

One woman, who left with her husband and three children, feared she would be a target of the Taliban because of her work with international humanitarian organisations.

She chose to remain anonymous out of concern for her family still in Afghanistan.

"All my family lives there, my father, mother, sister and my brothers, with their wives and children. We are a big family."

"Maybe if they (Taliban) are not finding me, they attack my family, this is a big problem which I have now."

"It was very difficult to leave my country before Taliban coming, I never thought I would go anywhere or leave my country. I love my country."

Afghans and foreigners are evacuating the country en masse, amid fears of reprisals by the Taliban and a return to a harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

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