Taliban claim victory over resistance stronghold

The Taliban say that they've captured the mountain stronghold used by remnants of the Afghan military and anti-Taliban militia fighters, and that the resistance movement's leader has the fled the country.

Video released by the Taliban shows the militants raising their flag outside the governor's office in the capital of Panjshir province, the last major holdout since Kabul fell last month.

This Taliban member is saying that they are purging the entire province.

Fighting broke out here a week ago after talks between the two sides broke down.

An official from the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan says opposition forces continue to fight, however.

And in a Twitter post on Monday (September 6), the resistance's leader, Ahmad Massoud, said he was safe but gave no further details.

A day earlier Massoud said he was ready to negotiate again with the Taliban and welcomed proposals from religious scholars for a settlement.

The resistance confirmed that its main spokesperson had been killed that day.

On Monday the Taliban reiterated their calls for national unity said they would not discriminate against the province, which had also been the center of resistance to the previous Taliban government two decades ago.

Massoud is the son of the previous resistance leader, who was assassinated by al Qaeda just days before the 9-11 attacks.

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