Taliban bars Afghan women from amusement parks

STORY: Women in Afghanistan are being stopped from entering amusement parks...

...the latest sweeping restriction from the country's Taliban rule.

This resident in Kabul was turned away on Wednesday with her grandchild.

"When a mother comes with their children, they must be allowed to enter the park, because these children haven’t seen anything good, this is a war city, they must play and be entertained, I urged them to let us in, but they didn’t allow us inside the park, and now we are returning to our home.”

Afghanistan's morality ministry confirmed women would be restricted from accessing public parks -

but didn't respond to requests for further details from Reuters.

It's not clear how widely the restrictions would apply -

or how they'd affect a previous rule from the ministry saying parks must be segregated by gender.

Since taking over last year,

the Taliban has said women should not leave home without a male relative - and must cover their faces.

Its treatment of women is one of the main reasons why Western governments refuse to recognize Afghanistan's new rulers.