Talented American service dog helps owner who suffers from brain injury with laundry and other chores (VIDEO)

Milad Hassandarvish

Colt helps his owner who suffers from brain injury with daily chores such as laundry, opening doors and picking up things. — Picture via Instagram/servicedogcolt

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — Dogs are long known for their loyalty towards humans, but a six-year-old service dog called Colt outranks them all.

The adorable Weimaraner was trained as a mobility service dog to help his owner who suffers from a traumatic brain injury with daily chores such as laundry, opening doors and picking up rubbish.

According to Metro UK, Janaye Kearns was in a coma for two weeks following a boating accident in 2012, and was told by doctors that she would likely never recover.

But after spending a year in inpatient rehabilitation, the 26-year-old incredibly began to walk, talk, read and write again.



Kearns, who had another brain injury in 2014 and a third in 2016, said her accident has left her brain with right side numbness and weakness.

Because of that, she often gets seizures, chronic neck and head pain as well as low blood sugar levels, among many other complications.

Despite all that, Colorado-based Kearns is fortunate enough to have a buddy who diligently help lessen her burdens.



Kearns, who used to train police and military dogs, picked out Colt from a litter when he was just eight weeks old.

She then trained him with an orthopaedic veterinarian to help shield her head if she fell having a seizure.

As a result, Colt naturally alerts her to seizures 30 minutes to two hours before they happen.

Colt has also become an online sensation with about 23,000 followers on Instagram.



Incredible footage shows the canine opening doors for her, putting her laundry in the washing machine and picking up things for her, among other tasks.

“I’m grateful for him,” said Kearns.

“I had no idea how much independence he would actually give me, and to be able to prevent about 50 per cent of my seizures altogether just by him alerting in advance, that gives me some more independence to feel better throughout the day.”

Kearns added that a service dog is a medical device and should never be distracted.

She consistently trains Colt to ensure that he can help in an emergency.

“He has to know a wide variety of things and basically he has overall commands that he can do anything that I ask him to do.

“He helps with laundry, puck up stuff for me because even on a good day, I can be out enjoying everything and if I drop something and go pick it up, I could completely black out and pass out,” she said.

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