Talent show for Syrian children with Down Syndrome

STORY: A child with Down Syndrome, Youssef al-Aghawani, presented the traditional Syrian folkloric dance known as Arada on stage to hundreds of attendees at a talent show held in the Syrian capital Damascus on Wednesday (June 15).

The five-year-old has been practicing for the event for a month and a half, after his sister saw the event announcement and signed him up.

He is among 20 children with Down Syndrome participating in a talent show showcasing their skills in music, dancing, acting and fashion.

The event, held in the historic al-Azem palace in the old city of Damascus, aims to better integrate children with Down Syndrome in society.

“We see how the image of children with Down Syndrome started to change. Now we are moving two steps forward instead of taking one step back and this was the goal. We see more attention given to them," said the head of the Juzour Association for Down Syndrome, Khuloud Rajab.

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