Takashi Sorimachi to reprise role in "GTO" special



19 Sep – It's been 26 years since "GTO" became a hit TV series, and now the show is coming back for a TV special starring lead actor, Takashi Sorimachi.

As reported on Oricon, the drama, "GTO Revival", will be revived as a TV special to mark the 65th anniversary of Fuji TV, with Takashi reprising his role as the former gang member-turned-teacher, Eikichi Onizuka.

Speaking about his return, Takashi, who is now 49, said, "Actually, I have been asked several times if I would do GTO again, but I thought this time, it would be meaningful to reprise the role. While the feeling of playing Onizuka at my current age is different, I hope it will not disappoint fans."

The original series, aired in 1998, was based on the Tooru Fujisawa manga series, "Great Teacher Onizuka", or "GTO" for short. It tells the story of a 22-year-old ex-gang member who becomes a teacher for all the wrong reasons but ends up becoming a great educator.

A movie was made in 1999 following the success of the series, followed by several other remakes, though Takashi was replaced by another actor, Akira in the lead in the last three series.

The theme song, "POISON", which was performed by Takashi himself, became a huge hit when it came out.

The actor also met his wife, Nanako Matsushima on the show.


Takashi Sorimachi first played the role in 1998
Takashi Sorimachi first played the role in 1998


(Photo Source: Takashi Fanpage FB, AnimeHunch)